Connecting through the arts at Oak House

10 Feb 2022

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Residents at Oak House in Cardiff have been taking part in weekly creative art wellbeing sessions led by a student at the University of South Wales.

Each week, residents came together for hour-long sessions enjoying activities such as drawing, clay-building , spray painting and sketchbook binding.  These sessions brought more of a sense of community to the residents and allowed them to take the time to relax, engage with a new skill and express their thoughts.








Oak House is United Welsh’s supported housing scheme offering accommodation and support to single people and couples in Cardiff experiencing homelessness. Residents gain the skills and support needed to move on and live independently in their own homes. The sessions were organised by United Welsh’s Community Investment team, the Oak House team and student Branwen Draper. Branwen, a third-year Creative and Therapeutic Arts student at the University of South Wales, led the sessions throughout a 10-week placement.









Branwen said: “It’s been a pleasure to deliver these sessions at Oak House. The group has had a lot of influence on what we do each week and it has been wonderful to see their progress. I think my favourite part of  being at Oak House has been the connections I’ve made with the participants and seeing them flourish into their own artistic identities.”

Brian Sweeney, Housing Management, Wellbeing & Compliance Officer at Oak House, said: “Having the art wellbeing  sessions at Oak House has been invaluable. The sessions brought a real sense of community to the scheme and it’s great to see the exhibition of all the residents’ final work in the foyer now. Seeing the art gives people here a huge sense of pride when we walk into the building.”

To celebrate the end of the sessions, the artwork was framed and hung in the entryway of Oak House for residents to enjoy.