Moving forward from Covid-19: What you told us

20 Aug 2020


United Welsh staff shopping and delivering to help eople affected by Covid 19, and a Thank You key left outside Llys Nant Y Mynydd
In July, we asked United Welsh tenants to tell us how the Covid-19 pandemic had caused you concern, and how you felt about our services during lockdown.

This was to help United Welsh to better understand what you need from us and how we can refocus our efforts to work better alongside you.

Over 400 tenants took part and we received some great comments, so thank you. The main findings were:

  • From 10 categories, Mental Health was named as the biggest concern during the pandemic (55%). This was followed by Physical Health and then the Ability to Pay Bills
  • Over 65% of tenants said they were using online services more than previously
  • Facebook and WhatsApp were the most popular online communication methods used, with over 80% using Facebook and over 70% using WhatsApp
  • Over 40% of tenants said they would like to communicate with us digitally or through an app, with over 30% also saying they’d like to try
  • Supporting vulnerable tenants and maintaining homes to a high standard were two common themes that tenants felt we should prioritise
  • A better community spirit and people helping each other more were two common themes named as a positive difference seen in lockdown
  • Our communications were rated as 3.8 out of 5 during the pandemic

As a next step, we will review all the survey comments in detail to form clear actions for moving forwards.

If you would like to continue to help us in shaping our services, please email Community Investment Team Leader Joe Frampton: