Richard joins Housing Futures Steering Group

26 Feb 2020

Partnership news

United Welsh’s Deputy Chief Executive and Group Director of Operations Richard Mann has been appointed to sit on Community Housing Cymru’s (CHC) Housing Futures steering group.

The group consists of 15 people representing housing associations across Wales with complementary skills and experience. You can see who they are here.

As part of his role, Richard will have oversight of the Housing Futures programme in Wales as it progresses, and at each stage will have specific decision making responsibilities including:

• Deciding what the Welsh challenge is
• Overseeing the Greenhouse team over the 16-week placement at CHC’s offices in Cardiff
• Supporting the impact phase of the programme

To date, CHC has ran eight challenge identification workshops attended by 113 people.

Richard and the team will be meeting on Friday to decide what challenge will be focused on for the next 18 months.

Lots has been suggested, including poverty, decarbonisation and an aging population.

Once the Welsh challenge has been decided, CHC will start their insights gathering phase, inviting experts from across the sector and beyond to provide more information about the challenge area.

Then, from September onwards, five people who work for Welsh housing associations will spend 16 weeks attempting to develop the solution that will solve the challenge.

Applications for the Greenhouse will open in shortly. If you’d like to sign up to get more information on the Housing Futures Greenhouse, click here.

To read an example of a project that has come through the Greenhouse process in England, click here.

We will keep you updated with Richard’s progress!