Become a Shaping Our Future programme member with United Welsh

12 Jul 2021

Tenant news

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We are looking for people who use our services to become members of United Welsh’s Shaping Our Future programme.

The only experience needed, is experience of living in a United Welsh home or using our services for you, your family, or work life.

We will help you with the rest.

What will I have to do?

The Shaping Our Future programme is about looking at the best of best practice in the field of service delivery, so we can take away learning to potentially apply to our own services.

As a member, you will:

  • Join with staff members to research service delivery across different sectors, taking part in online conversations
  • Join with staff members to talk to people from other organisations, gathering information and developing ideas
  • Join with staff members to present findings and make recommendations for ideas to develop United Welsh services.

Your commitment would be up to 25 hours during a period of up to eight weeks.

You don’t need to be an expert about United Welsh to take part in this; all we require from you is your perspective, curiosity, and a willingness to listen and share your opinions. Expressions of interest from people of all backgrounds and communities are very much welcome.

We will give you £250 to compensate for your time. We will also help you to use systems like Microsoft Teams and provide equipment to help you with accessing online conversations and meetings, if you need it.

Plus, becoming a Shaping Our Future member would be a good addition to your CV if you’re looking for work opportunities right now.

Express an interest today

Keen to register your interest or just want to know more?

Complete our short expression of interest form or speak to us on webchat by clicking on the blue circle icon on the bottom right of your screen. Alternatively, call United Welsh’s Partnership Manager David Williams on 0330 159 6080 (press 3) or email