Our performance

Annual Report and Financial Statements

Each year, we publish an Annual Report alongside our Financial Statements to let everyone know what United Welsh is doing and how we are performing.

You can read all about it here:

English Annual Report

Welsh Annual Report

As you will see, we’ve been very busy again!

Our Strategy

We have some ambitious plans for the next five years to help everyone live their best lives. You can read all about them here:

Our Strategy 2021 – English

Our Strategy 2021 – Welsh

Our ESG Report also sets out the performance and impact of United Welsh in terms of the Environmental, Social and Governance aspects of our business:

English ESG Report

Welsh ESG Report

Regulatory Judgement

We are a registered social landlord, which means we are regulated by the Welsh Government.

This means that the Welsh Government make a Regulatory Judgement on us each year after carrying out a regulatory assessment which checks how we are operating and how we are doing against our delivery outcomes.

The outcomes are focused around providing good and affordable homes, governance and finance.

Regulatory Judgement March 2021

Tenant Summary

Here is a summary of our performance for tenants to see our headline results. The summary is for the year period up to 31st March 2021.



Tenant Summary

Value for Money

Providing Value for Money is really important to us which is why we publish our VFM statement each year setting out how this underpins everything we do.

Value for Money statement

Pay Transparency 

Community Housing Cymru appointed Turning Point HR Solutions, an independent Reward Consultancy, to collate and analyse data provided by housing associations on senior management remuneration.

The intention of the report is to present senior management pay information in one place.

Read the report

Welsh Language Scheme

United Welsh has adopted the principle, that in the conduct of public business in Wales, it will, so far as is both appropriate in the circumstances and reasonably practical treat the Welsh and English languages on the basis of equality.

United Welsh has already identified current demand for Welsh through consultation with all its customers. We have established that demand is relatively modest in the areas where we work. Regular consultation will ensure that our services adapt to meet any changes in demand for Welsh in the future.

Read the scheme

Health and Safety

United Welsh believes that the Health and Safety of its employees, residents, tenants and service users is a fundamental part of United Welsh’s role. The Board and Executive Team take Health and Safety very seriously and acknowledge their legal responsibility to ensure the health and safety and welfare of employees at work, tenants, residents and service users, as well as protecting others who may be affected by United Welsh work activities.

You can read our Landlord Health & Safety policy statement here and our Employer Health & Safety policy statement here.