The Healthful Network

The Healthful Network (currently delivered online via Microsoft Teams) is part of our Wellbeing 4U service and provides people with the confidence, knowledge, skills and self-belief to better manage their wellbeing and lifestyle.

The network is open to people registered at GP surgeries that provides Wellbeing 4U and creates a supportive environment to make positive health changes.

By getting involved, you can access resources to support your health goals both now and in the future, including:

Movement & Mobility A low intensity class focusing on increasing and improving movement. Sessions are aimed at all levels and ages and ability. We primarily focus on stretching and waking up your body by gently working on each joint from head to toe.
Wellbeing Course A 12 session course to help you understand the link between our minds and our bodies and how you can manage many health conditions through reducing harmful behaviours and making healthy lifestyle choices and keep well over the winter months with the expected second wave of COVID.  This course will give you the tools to help you to build emotional and mental resilience, wellbeing and grow in happiness both now and in the future.  You will be supported through the course to set your own wellbeing goals and supported to achieve them.

Course starts early October – date to be confirmed

Foodwise for Life This weight management program is designed to help people learn nutrition and lose weight in a healthy way.  We will also cover confidence building techniques, helping your feel more confident within yourself and make positive changes.

You will learn cover all aspects of exercise and nutrition, portion sizes, understand food labels and dealing with hunger and will be supported in becoming the healthiest version of you!

Conditioning & Calm Strength and balance class for both the mind and body. Simple yet effective exercises; Build strength within the body at your own pace through body weighted and resistance band exercises. Leading us into stretch and flow sequences creating flexibility and suppleness. The session is then completed with a guided relaxation leaving you feeling grounded and calm.

Visit Wellbeing 4U to check whether The Healthful Network is available from your GP surgery.

For more information, please call 029 2085 8148 or email: